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It is a simple process to uninstall Mekko Graphics. Uninstalling Mekko does not remove PowerPoint presentations with Mekko charts. It only removes the Mekko Graphics application. All of the Mekko Graphics charts you have created are still retained.

1.Exit PowerPoint

2.From the Windows Start menu, select Settings > Control Panel.

3.Choose Programs and Features

4.Click the Install/Uninstall tab (if your version of Windows contains this tab).

5.From the list of programs you can remove, select Mekko Graphics

6.Click Uninstall/Change or doubleclick to uninstall the program

7.At the prompt, click Yes that you wish to remove the program

8.Click OK

9.Uninstalling Mekko Graphics will deactivate the software. You have two options for deactivation: Automatic and Manual (browser-based) deactivation. Your serial number will appear in the field below. (For more information about deactivating, please see Deactivating Mekko Graphics).