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Segment labels also have the ability to be annotated. Annotation means that Mekko Graphics calculates an alternate position for a label and then places the label in one of these alternate positions. An annotation line, or “flamingo”, is then drawn from the label to its home segment. If an alternate position can be calculated for this label, the label’s status becomes 'annotated'.  If no alternate position can be calculated, the label remains unplaced.

There are two types of annotation lines in Mekko Graphics:

1.Labels which are annotated manually (via right-click) or the Label Manager
To use them, select unplaced label(s) in the Label Manager and select either Annotate or Annotate All Unplaced from the right click menu.  It is also possible to select a smartplaced label from the Label Manager and select Annotate.
You may also do this by right-clicking on a smartplaced label in the chart. Once the option has been selected, the label will change its state to Annotated. In this state the system will automatically respond to any data change by reevaluating the label's position and the appearance of the annotation lines. Annotation from the Label Manager is only applicable to Segment Labels.

2.Labels that have been moved and have an annotation line to their original location
To manually annotate a label, simply move a label away from its base location. The label state is changed to 'Moved' (manual) and not 'Annotated'. When data changes, the label will act has a manual label which means no automatic adjustment will be made to it. This option applies to Segment Labels, Bar Labels and Bar Total Labels.


1.Show/Hide Annotation Line: Turn annotation line on\off for selected labels.

2.Smart Annotate Selected Labels: Try to annotate a group of labels in the most efficient way. Applies to segment labels.

3.Increment Annotation: Increases the distance of the annotation line from the label.

4.Decrement Annotation: Decreases the distance of the annotation line from the label.

Pie Charts and bubble charts are special in the way annotation lines are implemented. In a pie chart, the annotation line will always be drawn to a fixed point on the pie’s arc.  In a bubble chart the annotation line will be drawn to the closest point on the bubble.