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Mekko Graphics provides numerous options for dealing with legend items that become unplaced.

1)Choose a different legend position
If your legend position does not fit all of your legend labels, you can change the position to see if another position might be a better fit.

2)Increasing the size of the legend area
Similarly to a Microsoft PowerPoint™ text box, you can select the legend area and resize it. Small circles appear in the four corners of the legend area and in the middle of each side. Drag the legend areas from any of these circles to increase the size of the legend area. As the size increases, Mekko Graphics will attempt to fit all labels in the new legend area at the legend font size.
Tip: You may choose to increase the size of the legend area even if all legend items are placed. In this case, the legend items distribute themselves evenly from the top to the bottom of the legend area. This allows you to group the legend items by spreading them out in a larger space, or create a horizontal legend.

3)Reducing Legend Font size
By reducing the legend font size, you can create more space to fit any legend labels that might be unplaced at a larger font size. To change the legend font size, open the Format Legend Task Pane, and change the font size.

4)Changing the text of a legend item
You can always change the text in your legend item to shorten or abbreviate it in order to ensure legend text fits on your slide.