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There are two separate table sections in PowerPoint designed to help you format your Mekko Graphics tables: the Mekko Table section and the Harvey Balls section.



Place your cursor in any cell in the table and use the Mekko Table functions to customize headers, bullets and paste data from Excel.

Mekko Standard Colors button will color the selected cell(s) with your Mekko Graphics palette colors. This palette will adapt according to your Preference Manager color palette choices.

The next group of three buttons allows the user to set the first row of the selected data table as either a value chain, text box, or simply as a normal table row.

Resize Column Headers to Match Table Columns  is used to update the existing header row after the user has resized or otherwise edited the table.  By selecting this button, Mekko Graphics will resize column headers to match table columns.

Value Chain and Text Box buttons enable you to create a value chain or text buttons with or without using the first column.

Set First Column as Row Header will set the first column as the row header. Remove First Column as Row Header will remove the first column as the row header.

Text Box Gaps buttons increase/decrease the gaps between text boxes.  This only works for data tables that have the first row displayed as text boxes.

Paste Excel Data allows you to paste your Excel data into your table. Mekko Graphics will paste your data so that the contents of each cell paste in a unique text table cell. It will also retain all of your text formatting.

Alternate Row Shading and Clear Row Shading inserts/deletes zebra shading pattern in your table.



The Harvey Balls section allows you to insert the appropriate symbol in a cell or cells of an existing PowerPoint table as a custom bullet. When a symbol is inserted into a cell, the bullet is inserted, and one space is entered so that the bullet will be displayed.  With your cursor resting in the cell, click the drop down arrow to insert the desired Harvey Ball.

The first four buttons control the relative size of symbols that are to be added. If you click on one of these buttons and then click on a symbol, the symbol will be inserted at the size selected. The size of a symbol can also be adjusted by setting the size of the font in the cell.