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Overview of Chart Gallery

The Chart Gallery is a repository of charts you can maintain and have at your disposal. Mekko Graphics comes with a number of sample charts, and you may add any charts and arrange in any way you choose.  They are categorized according to internal tags so that you can easily find the charts that are most interesting to you!  For example you can easily find all the marimekko charts. You can even search for specific text in your charts, like "iphone"or search for charts with specific features, like growth lines.  You can add charts or slides to the gallery from your own presentation. Use the Chart Gallery as a reference library of charts for your organization, categorize them by client or division or in any structure that is most useful.  To open the Chart Gallery, click the View button in the Mekko Graphics Chart Ribbon.


Tagging Charts and Searching the Gallery

How to Tag a Chart:

You can tag charts with keywords that help you find them later. Open the chart you want to tag. From the Chart menu, choose “Chart Properties”. In the Chart Properties dialog box, type your desired tags in the Tags field. To add multiple tags, separate the tags with commas.

Searching the Gallery

To search within your chart gallery, go to the search bar and enter your search parameters. You can search by tags (i.e. client name), type of chart (i.e. marimekko), features of the chart (i.e. growth line), or content (words within the chart titles and labels). After you enter your search parameters, a list of charts that meet your search criteria will be displayed.


Adding Gallery Items to your Presentation

To add charts or slides from the Chart Gallery to your presentation, click the View button in the Mekko Graphics Charts Ribbon. This will open the Gallery on the right hand side of the screen. You can search for the chart or slide you wish to add by searching for internal tags, features of the chart, like "growth lines" for example, or searching by chart type. You can also search by text inside the chart, for example, if you have charts that mention the iphone, you can search by iphone.

Once you find the desired chart, right click the chart and choose to either add the chart to a blank slide in your presentation, or the entire slide itself.  The chart or slide will insert at the point where you cursor is located in your presentation.  You can also choose the open the entire file the chart is a part of.


Adding Charts to your Chart Gallery

To add charts to your Gallery, select the slide in your presentation with the chart or charts you wish to add.   In the Mekko Graphics Charts ribbon, click the + sign.  You will be prompted to choose whether you wish to add the chart, the slide or the entire presentation.  Once you select your desired option, you will be presented with your file hierarchy tree.  Click the location or folder where you wish to add the slide.




Managing Your Gallery

Gallery Structure:

Select the file tree button on the upper right-hand side of the Chart Gallery. An outline view of all your folders and files within your gallery will appear. Much like navigating with Windows Explorer, you can click on a subfolder to see the contents of that folder.


Managing Charts Within The Gallery:

Select the + button in the Gallery Section of the Mekko Graphics Chart Ribbon. Select Manage Files. From there you can create a new folder, rename an existing folder, create a new file, or delete a file. If you create a new file, a blank presentation will be inserted into the selected point of your file tree.