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Mekko Graphics is a professional tool designed to produce powerful business charting capability in a simple package that works seamlessly with Microsoft PowerPoint™. Often, a single, clear visual can save hours and pages of detailed explanation. Mekko Graphics provides powerful features and flexibility that make outstanding, eye-catching charts more quickly and efficiently. You'll love how Mekko charts leverage your data and present it clearly and effectively.

Mekko Graphics is the result of years of development incorporating new features suggested by you, our users. We have redesigned Mekko Graphics from the ground up, enabling you to make more distinctive, eye catching charts in less time. You will immediately see the difference!  

Whether you are a corporate strategist or management consultant with high-level, sophisticated charting needs, or just need to add more flexibility and features to your Microsoft PowerPoint™ charts, with Mekko Graphics, informative and eye-catching presentations will be the hallmark of your work.

For more information or support on Mekko Graphics, including sample presentations and FAQs, as well as free online tutorial videos, please visit www.mekkographics.com.  

We are happy to hear from you! If you have any questions, please contact us at mekkographicssupport@insightsoftware.com or you may call us at 781-250-2001 and press option 3.