100% stacked bar chart profiling electric scooter injuries presented at emergency rooms

Electric Scooter Injuries

Head injuries were common among both scooter riders and nonriders who presented at the ER, as shown in this 100% stacked bar chart of electric scooter injuries. Fractures, contusions and lacerations were common. Only 4% of riders who came to the emergency room wore helmets. Among riders, falling was the most common cause of scooter injuries. For nonriders, it was being hit by a scooter. The scooter injuries data were collected from emergency room visits at two Southern California hospitals in 2017 and 2018 and reported in JAMA Network Open.

Profile of Electric Scooter Injuries in a 100% Stacked Bar Chart 

How I Made this 100% Stacked Bar Chart 

Here is the scooter injuries data that I used to create the 100% stacked bar chart:

Here's how I made the 100% stacked bar chart:

  • create a 100% stacked bar chart in PowerPoint
  • type scooter injuries data from JAMA article pdf into the Mekko Graphics Data Editor in the format as above with different series (rows) for columns (bars) with different categories
  • show labels in each bar with series name and calculated percentage in each label
  • reduce fonts of labels that do not fit in smaller segments and use shrink spacing between lines in multi-line labels to assist in fitting
  • hide bar totals, y axis and x axis line
  • adjust internal chart margins and bar gaps to have chart fill area
  • apply custom sort to bars to get them in order as shown in chart and to series to show head injuries at bottom of bars
  • recolor series to have each bar show as shades of palette colors with demographic data in shades of gray to deemphasize them

Take This Chart and Make It Your Own

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