Marimekko chart of Emmy nominations by network, grouped into cable, broadcast, online and premium cable.

Emmy Nominations by Network

Four networks dominated the 2017 Emmy award nomination.  Among the premium cable providers HBO garnered 111 of the 130 nominations.  Netflix took 91 of the 156 nominations given to online television providers.  NBC and FX led the broadcast and cable categories with 64 and 54 nominations, respectively.   Growth was by far strongest in the online category with a 71% increase from 2016.  Cable and broadcast nominations were down 12 and 7%.  Premium cable saw a 5% increase.  The most nominated shows in each category were the FX's FEUD: Bette and Joan (18 nominations) in cable, NBC's Saturday Night Live (22) in broadcast, Netflix's Stranger Things (18) in online and HBO's Westworld (22) in premium cable.  The results are presented in the Marimekko chart below:

2017 Emmy nominations by network, grouped into cable, broadcast, online and premium cable. Shows growth from 2016-2017 in nominations and most nominated show in each group. Presented as a Marimekko chart created in using Mekko Graphics software.

The data for the chart came directly from press material available on the website.  Since there were many networks with few nominations in the cable and online categories, I summarized them into an "Other" series.  I used Mekko Graphic's sorting capabilities to present the data with the widest bar on the left and the biggest series on the bottom of each bar.  By default, the "Other" series is excluded from the sort and always appears on the top of each bar.  I manually altered the color scheme for the chart so that each bar had shades of different colors from myu palette.

I added two data rows to the chart.  The "Most Nominated" data row helps the reader understand more about each category by providing examples of shows.  It also illustrates how you can use the data rows feature to display text as well as numerical information.  The second data row contains the change from 2016.  This helps provide a picture of the growth in each category.

Here is the chart in SlideShare to download and edit using Mekko Graphics: