Bar Mekko Chart Showing Debt Levels for European Countries

EU Country Debt Levels

As the Greek debt crisis seems to be resolving itself, it might be time to look at how Greek debt levels compare to other EU countries.  Italy and Portugal are closest to Greek debt levels.  Italy has a significantly larger GDP than either Greece or Portugal.  If it fails to repay its debt, the consequences could be much larger.  The bar-mekko chart below shows debt levels for all but the smallest EU countries by GDP.  The data comes from Eurostat.

Debt Levels in EU Countries

I've seen several bar charts that show debt levels as a percentage of GDP for EU countries.  The bar-mekko is a better choice.  It allows you to show the relative debt levels of countries and the size of their economies in one chart.  You can quickly see that Italy is both a high debt country and one with a very large economy.  I used a red color for the high debt countries to draw your attention to them when compared to the grey color for the others.  I also used a bold font to emphasize their names and debt percentages.  Here is the chart in SlideShare to download and use in your presentations: