Marimekko Chart of Exports by Segment from Least Developed Countries

Exports from Least Developed Countries

The 48 LDCs export $192 billion to the developed nations, according to data provided by the WTO.  Fuel and mining account for almost 60% of the total with Angola as the leading exporter in this category.  Manufactured goods are the next largest category, led by Bangladesh. Overall Angola, Bangladesh and Myanmar account for as much in exports as the other 45 LDCs combined.  Here is the data in a Marimekko chart:

Exports By LDCs

The Marimekko chart allows us to drill down to examine LDC exports by category and country.  You can see that a few of the LDCs dominate the two largest categories and that there is little overlap across categories.  Myanmar is the only LDC that exports a significant amount of fuel, manufactured goods and agricultural products.  The other largest fuel exporters rely solely on this category for the vast majority of their exports.

Here is the chart in SlideShare to download and edit using our software: