Bar charts summarizing Facebook's users, revenue and average revenue per user by region

Facebook's Worldwide Revenue Challenge

Facebook is challenged to grow its revenue per user outside of North America and Europe.  These regions account for only 1/3 of Facebook users, but make up 75% of its revenue.  Revenue per user is over $14 in the US and over $4 in Europe, but under $2 in other regions.  The charts below, based on Q2 2016 financial data reported by the company, summarize the data:facebook-worldwide-users-and-revenue-chart-only-large

I chose to use two charts to visualize the revenue challenge Facebook faces.  The 100% stacked bar chart compares users and revenue by region.  Adding percentages to the bars and segment links between them facilitates comparison of users and revenue across the regions.  The second chart is a simple bar chart and is based on data found in the first chart.  I linked the two charts together using common colors for each region.  In a previous version of the chart, I used a data row for average revenue per user.  I think the bar chart is more impactful in the way it shows the data.  Here is the chart in SlideShare to download and edit using Mekko Graphics: