Marimekko charts of Fiat-Renault vehicle sales by region

Fiat-Renault Combined Sales

The proposed Fiat-Renault combination will provide Renault with a presence in North America, as shown in these Marimekko charts.  Both firms are strong in EMEA and the smaller South American market.  Neither firm is very strong in the Asia-Pacific market.  Their combined share of total vehicle sales ranges from 22% in South America and 19% in Europe, to 12% in North America and only 4% in the Asia-Pacific region.  The data on sales came from the Wall Street Journal and the market size data from

Fiat-Renault Combined Vehicle Sales in Marimekko Charts with Data Rows

Marimekko charts of Fiat-Renault vehicle sales by region

How I Made This Horizontal Bar Chart with Data Rows

Data for this chart are presented below: 

Data for Marimekko charts of Fiat-Renault vehicle sales by region

The Wall Street Journal data broke down the combined Fiat-Renault vehicle sales EMEA into Europe, Middle East and Africa.  Since the Middle East and Africa markets were quite small, combining made the chart more readable.  In addition, the market size data used in the data rows was only available for a combined EMEA.

Here's how I made the Marimekko chart on the left with data rows:

  • input sales by region from WSJ into Excel
  • use Excel sum to create EMEA column and Total column
  • add market size data from best-selling-cars
  • compute Fiat-Renault market share with Excel formula
  • create Marimekko chart in PowerPoint based on Excel data range
  • in Bars and Series form, exclude Total column, set total market size and Fiat-Renault share to data rows, and set number formats for data rows
  • uncheck autowrap on data row labels to have them display on a single line
  • add y axis title and hide y axis line, tick marks and labels and x axis line in Format Axis task pane
  • set number formats for segment values and bar totals
  • display segment values and percent of bar in each segment
  • adjust colors and internal chart margins
  • hide the small segment label for Renault North America sales

To create the total Marimekko chart:

  • create a copy of the left hand chart
  • shrink the width of the right chart to take up about 3/4 of the slide width and make the copy about 1/4 of the slide width
  • add sums and formula to calculate total market size and Fiat-Renault share
  • open the copy and hide the regions show the total bar only
  • adjust the right margins to create space for the legend and add the legend
  • align the two charts so that they appear next to each other with a small gap between the two Marimekko charts

Take This Chart and Make It Your Own

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