Marimekko chart of app market by region and split between iOS and Andriod.

Global App Market Map

Apple's iOS controls over 60% of the $146B market as shown in this marimekko chart. Its dominance over Google's Android is strongest in the Americas and weakest in Asia Pacific.  Apple's $53B in revenue account for 87% of the $61B app market in the Americas.  In contrast, Apple only controls 45% of the $72B Asia Pacific market.  The rest of the market is split between third party Andriod apps ($26B) and Google Play $13B.  The $13B EMEA market is split almost evenly with Apple iOS accounting for 54% and Google Play the remaining 46%.   Data are provided by App Annie.

The market is expected to grow at over 10% per year across regions and competitors.  Regional CAGR for 2017-2022  ranges between 13.7% in Asia Pacific to 14.3% in Americas and EMEA.  Among the competitors, Apple's growth is anticipated to be 12.2%, Google Play 13.7% and third party Android apps 17.9%.

Marimekko Chart with Data Row and Data Column

Marimekko chart of app market by region and split between iOS and Andriod.

How I Created the Marimekko Chart

I decided to use two marimekko charts to show the global app market map.  The chart on the left is a traditional marimekko chart with the app market broken down by region and competitor.  I added a data row to show projected growth by region.  The right chart could just has one bar and summarizes the competitor data.  I added a data column to this chart to show growth by competitor across the regions.  I made the left chart first and then copied it to create the chart on the right.

Here are the steps I took to create the chart:

  • enter the data for both charts from App Annie into the Mekko Graphics Data Editor, including the CAGR data for each region and each competitor
  • use the data to create the left chart by not showing the worldwide data or the growth data for all competitors
  • show the regional growth data as a data row
  • hide the chart grand total
  • show series names as a legend on the bottom of the chart
  • show series values and percentages in the chart
  • format values and percentages and the data row
  • adjust the chart margins
  • close the chart and adjust its size to take the left 2/3 of the chart area
  • copy the chart and paste it back onto the slide to make the right chart
  • shrink the right chart to fill the right 1/3 of the chart area
  • hide the by region data and show the competitor CAGR data as a data column and the worldwide growth data as a data row
  • hide the data row label and align the data row value to appear under the data column

Take This Chart and Make It Your Own

Download this chart and edit it using Mekko Graphics.  See more marimekko chart examples in our Chart Gallery.

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