Line chart with price changes for key grocery items 2007-2017

Grocery Price Changes 2007-2017

Some common grocery items had had significant price increases and others had decreases as shown in this line chart. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that ground beef went up from $2.85 to $4.12 per pound from 2007-2017, a 45% increase. Seedless grapes and ice cream had 28% and 19% increases, respectively.

Eggs and boneless chicken breasts were less expensive in 2017 than in 2007. A dozen eggs fell from $1.68 to $1.43, a 15% decrease. Boneless chicken breast prices fell 6%.

Other common grocery items had smaller price increases. Ice cream prices went up 19%, for example.

These price changes were typically not smooth. Ground beef went up $.48 per pound or 13% in one year. Its price has come down from its high in 2015 to the 2017 price. The price for a dozen eggs fell $.79 or 32% between 2015 and 2016. It went from a decade high of $2.47 to $1.43 in 2017.

Line Chart with Data Column and Segment Comparisons

Line chart with price changes for key grocery items 2007-2017How I Created the Line Chart

I used a line chart to show the price changes over time for each grocery item, showing each year's price for each item and focusing on the overall trends.  I added the data column to give a summary indicator of overall price change for each item and the segment comparison lines to highlight two large year over year price changes.

Here are the steps I took to create the chart:

  • reviewed the Visual Capitalist post which had 30 items each in a separate line chart
  • chose 10 items that represented different food categories (e.g., meat, fruit, sweets)  and had different price change profiles
  • created a line chart in Mekko Graphics and out in the pricing data for the 10 products
  • eliminated some products where there was overlap in prices to make the chart data clearer
  • adjusted the y axis maximum and removed the axis
  • removed the x axis line
  • changed the line colors to increase contrast among the lines
  • added the segment comparison lines to highlight large year over year changes
  • formatted the segment comparison lines to show $ and % changes

Take This Chart and Make It Your Own

Download this chart and edit it using Mekko Graphics.  See more line chart examples in our Chart Gallery.  Check out our videos to learn how to add data columns to your charts.

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