Bar Mekko Chart of Luxury Goods Growth and Size and Growth by Segment

Where is the Growth in the Luxury Goods Market?

Surprisingly, three of the highest price-point segments in the luxury goods market—jets, cars and hospitality—are experiencing rapid (9+%) growth, while the lower price-point personal goods segment is growing much more slowly (2%).  Bain & Company produces a yearly survey of luxury goods.  I expected that personal luxury goods (e.g., watches, jewelry) would experience the highest growth as they are the easiest for the not quite ultra high net worth to afford.  The data indicates that expensive items like high-end cars, vacations condos and jets are the segments that are growing most.  You can see the data summarized in the chart below:

Luxury Goods Market Size and Growth


The bar-mekko chart captures both segment growth (bar height) and segment size (bar width) in one chart.  I sorted the segments from high to low growth to contrast the differences.  I added a data row to provide specifics on the market segment sizes.  I also collapsed some of the smaller segments into 'other' to make the chart clearer.  You can see the same data as a cascade chart in the Bain & Company report.  Below is the chart in SlideShare to allow you to download and manipulate: