Marimekko chart of hate crimes for 2015 by race, religion and sexual orientation

Hate Crimes in the US

Almost 60% of the hate crimes in the US were racially motivated, according to FBI data from 2015.  Religion and sexual orientation were the other two major hate crime categories.  Three targeted groups--Blacks, Jews, and Gay Men--were the largest group in each category and combined accounted for over half of the 2015 hate crimes.  The Marimekko chart below breaks down hate crimes by category and targeted group:


To create this Marimekko chart, I downloaded the data in Excel format from the FBI website.  I then reformatted the data to add categories as a data column.  I used this reformatted data to create an Excel PivotTable and then used the PivotTable to create a Marimekko chart in PowerPoint using our software.  I grouped the smaller segments and those segments that the FBI identified as unknown or multiple target groups into an 'Other' category in Mekko Graphics.  I also grouped the smaller categories into an Other bar that I manually created.  I used Mekko Graphics to sort the data so that the biggest bar was on the left and the biggest segment was at the bottom of each bar.  Mekko Graphics automatically places the 'Other' segments at the tops of each bar.  I then recolored each bar so that they were in shades of different colors.

Here is the chart in SlideShare to download and edit using Mekko Graphics: