Marimekko chart as a heatmap

Can I use a Marimekko like a Heatmap?

A user recently asked us how to make a heatmap marimekko chart. He wanted to compare different asset types and color the chart based on the flow by asset type (colors moving from dark green as the most positive and dark red as the most negative).

Here's the marimekko chart that we created:

Marimekko Conditional Formatting

First, we had to categorize the assets into segments. We chose 3 segments: domestic, global and all other.

Here's the data in the Excel spreadsheet:

marimekko data

We created the cell colors used Excel's Color Scales (under Conditional Formatting) by selecting just the data in the Flow column. We wanted to apply that coloring to the 3 columns of asset size data. We copied the Flow column and pasted it into Microsoft Word to remove the conditional format. Then we copied the data from Word and pasted it back into a new column in the spreadsheet, Format Only. We copied that column and used Paste Special Formats to apply the colors to the 3 asset size columns.

Next, we copied our data from the Excel spreadsheet and pasted it into the Mekko Graphics data editor. Then, we selected "Apply Cell Colors from Spreadsheet" in the Format Chart task pane under the Style tab.