Bubble chart of UHNWIs plans to purchase home in and out of home country in 2019

House Hunting by the Wealthy

Ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWIs) in Latin America and Asia are most likely to purchase new homes in or outside their home country in 2019, as shown in this bubble chart.  On average 18% of the UHNWIs plan to purchase a home in their country of residence and 22% outside their country of residence in 2019, according to data from the Knight Frank Wealth Report.

Home Purchase Intentions of the Wealthy in a Bubble Chart

Bubble chart of UHNWIs plans to purchase home in and out of home country in 2019

How I Made This Bubble Chart

The data for this chart can be found in two figures in the Knight Frank Wealth Report.  The purchase intentions of the wealthy by region are in the Residential Forecast and the number of UHNWIs in each region is presented near the start of the report.  I typed the data into Excel:

Data for bubble chart of UNHWIs plans to purchase home in and out os home country in 2019

Here's how I made the bubble chart:

  • select the data and create a bubble chart in PowerPoint from the Mekko Graphics ribbon in Excel
  • add axis breaks to x and y axes and adjust axis maximums to try to space out the bubbles more evenly
  • adjust internal chart margins to make the chart area closer to square
  • add x and y axis titles
  • format the reference bubble by adding the description
  • in the Format Chart task pane, General tab choose to display horizontal and vertical quadrant lines and set quadrant line values to the global averages
  • adjust bubble colors and move labels

As a further tip in making bubble charts, I always move labels as a last step.  If you move labels before adjusting margins, axis min and max or axis breaks, you will probably have to move them again.

Take This Chart and Make It Your Own

Download this chart and edit it using Mekko Graphics. See more bubble charts in our chart gallery. Here are some other charts that may be of interest: