Cascade/waterfall chart showing U.S. Open prize money for Singles, doubles and mixed doubles by round

How much do tennis players earn in the US Open?

As we approach the final weekend of the 2016 US Open tennis tournament, all eyes are on the top seeds, Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams. Winners of the singles titles will each receive $3.5M in prize money, the highest payout for a Grand Slam event. In this build up cascade chart, you can see how the prize money is distributed for each round by tournament event (Women's Singles, Men's Singles and Doubles/Mixed Doubles). Singles players receive 82% of the total prize money, while doubles players receive only 13%.



To create this stacked cascade chart, I created a series (row) for each of the events. This allowed me to color the chart by series. I could have used a legend for series names but to save space, I chose to just show the labels for the last bar in the chart (names and segment percentages). Here's how you structure your data to create stacked cascade bars:


I added data rows to this chart to show what an individual winner for each event would receive for each round in the tournament. You can multiply the payout per player by the number of players per round to reach the total for that event in the cascade chart.

I also used the data scaling feature in Mekko Graphics to convert my data (shown as actuals in the data sheet) to millions to simplify the bar labels.  Data scaling can be found under the Values tab in the Format Chart task pane.

You can download this chart using SlideShare.