Marimekko of PGA Earnings

How to Keep Your PGA Tour Card

I watch golf on TV and I play golf, but not very well.  As a chart maven, I wanted to graphically depict what a PGA Tour player needs to do to retain his playing privileges (his tour card).  The player must finish in the top 125 in money earned playing in PGA Tour events.  Since the winner and the top finishers take home a larger percentage of the prize money, a few high finishes is all you need to keep your card.

James Driscoll is a PGA Tour journeyman.  He also is from Brookline, which is just two towns away from Waltham and the offices of Mekko Graphics.  These two charts show what James has earned so far this year:

Earning Your Tour Card

Driscoll has played in 20 events and has made the cut and hence received a winnings check 70% of the time.  The stacked bar chart on the right illustrates this.  In the 14 events, he earned a bit over $800,000.  The Marimekko chart shows that over 40% of these earnings came from the two events in which he finished in the top 10.

I like this graphical depiction much better than the table on the PGA Tour web site:  It focuses your attention on the importance of high finishes.

Here's the chart in SlideShare for you to download and examine more closely: