Green border indicates chart is linked to Excel data

How to Reuse a Chart and Link it to Excel

If you would like to reuse a chart, you can simply replace the data in the chart data sheet with your data. To make it easier to update the chart, however, you may want to link the chart to Excel data. Here's how to do it.

Step 1: Open the PowerPoint file containing the chart or insert the chart into a PowerPoint file from the chart gallery.

Insert a chart from the chart gallery

Step 2: Double click on the chart and choose Chart Data from the Edit Chart ribbon.

Step 3: Copy the data from the chart data sheet and paste it into Excel.

Step 4: Replace the data in the pasted range with your data. Then, select the same data range in Excel.

Step 5: Return to PowerPoint and double click on the chart. In the Edit Chart ribbon, under Link to Excel, choose Link to Selected Range. This will link the PowerPoint chart to the Excel data and a green border will appear around the chart indicating that the chart is synchronized with the data.

Linking a chart to Excel data

Step 6: To update the chart manually when your data changes, select Refresh under Link to Excel. To automatically update the chart, open the Excel Link Manager under Mekko Graphics Charts. Select the checkbox under the Auto column for your chart.

Automatically Update Linked Chart

If you would like to reuse multiple charts from a PowerPoint presentation, choose Export Charts to Excel from the drop down menu in the Update Charts section of the Mekko Graphics Charts ribbon. This will give you an Excel file with the data for each chart in a separate worksheet. Repeat the steps above for each chart you want to link.

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