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Is there a way to import colors from a PowerPoint template to Mekko Graphics?

You can use the colors from a PowerPoint theme or any PowerPoint presentation in your Mekko Graphics charts. Here's how to do it:

  1. Open the Preference Manager from the Mekko Graphics ribbon.
  2. On the Themes tab, select New.
  3. Under the Color Palette Displayed on the left side of the screen, select Add Colors from File.
  4. Choose your theme file or PPT file (choose dropdown option PPT file with Extra Shades if you want more options).
  5. Next, set the draw order for your new palette by selecting colors and adding them to the draw order column using the right arrow button. Use the up and down arrows to change the draw order (shown in the sample bar).
  6. Set the draw order for lines by moving to the Lines tab. Do the same on the Colors tab and the Gantt tab.
  7. Add a name for your palette and click on the Save As button.
  8. Now your palette is shown under Available Themes. Check the box in the second column (Show in UI) to make this palette available when you create charts.
  9. To make your new palette the default for all of your charts, click on the Set as Default button.


  • If you're a consultant or work on several teams, you can create a custom palette for each client or team.
  • To re-color old charts using a new palette, first select Reset Colors from the Colors dropdown in the Mekko Graphics riboon. Then, select the palette to use from the same dropdown menu.

Check out this video to learn how to import colors, set draw orders, re-color an old chart and share your palette with others.