Marimekko Chart of Startup Value by Country and Company

Immigrant-Founded $1 Billion Start-Ups

Foreign-born founders have started 44 of the 87 start-ups with market value of over $1 billion, based on a study from the National Foundation for American Policy and cited in the Wall Street Journal.  These start-ups have created tens of thousands of jobs, not counting the almost 200,000 Uber drivers (Canadian-born founder).  The Marimekko chart below shows the 44 companies grouped by country-of-origin of founder and sized by market value.  It shows that Canadian, European, Indian and Israeli-born founders were the largest creators of market value.

Immigrant Founded 1B Startups

You can summarize a great deal of information in a Marimekko chart.  The chart brings home the value of these immigrant founded companies to the economy much more than a table listing each one and its value.  You can see both the relative importance of different countries and regions and how a few large companies skew the total market value of the group.  The 44 companies are about the limit for a Marimekko chart that can be shown on a single page PowerPoint slide.  Some of the smaller companies are shown in 8 point font.  With more companies, you might want to group the smaller ones in an "Other" category.  Here is the chart in SlideShare to download and edit using Mekko Graphics: