Stacked Bar Chart of Smartphone Apps by Country

Introducing Our Latest Version

I’m happy to announce that the latest version of Mekko Graphics is available for download on our web site.  This is a major release with many new features and an improved user interface. This is our Winter 2014 release, which we have numbered Mekko Graphics 6.7.

The biggest change we've made is replacing our many of our dialog boxes with task panes.  This makes is much easier to change the format of your chart or axes and to see the results right away.  You can also move task panes, including our data entry spreadsheet, out side of PowerPoint and on to another monitor.  Task panes are:

  • Easier - requiring fewer clicks and menus to open
  • Flexible - Panes can be moved and can be dragged outside of the PowerPoint window, even another monitor
  • Dynamic - allowing for an "instant view" of all setting changes, so that you no longer have to close a dialog box to see an effect
  • Contemporary - matching the look and feel of Office 2010 and 2013 themes

6.7 ScreenshotWe also improved the way we handle moved and edited labels.  If you move a label, we keep it connected to the chart data.  If the data changes, the label changes.  If you edit a label, we highlight it.  If you change your data, you'll know which labels won't automatically update.

Here are the some other changes we've made:

  • The updated, modern default color palette that ensures quickly created charts look great right out of the box
  • A markedly improved label formatting and handling capability, resulting in more professional charts and a more streamlined user experience
  • Implemented drag and drop user interface for:
    • Axis scale (min, max and tick intervals)
    • Bar gaps
  • Ability to change colors and widths of axes
  • More commands available on right-click (e.g., right-click in spreadsheet to create data row or column)
  • Improved quality of chart picture as displayed in PowerPoint
  • Easier chart resize implemented
  • Refined fit test algorithm to initially place labels on charts.
  • Improved user interface for editing individual labels within a chart
  • Bug fixes, including a memory leak that caused PowerPoint to crash when Mekko Graphics and PowerPoint were used intensively

How to Download

If you have an active Mekko Graphics annual subscription, you can download the latest version. Click here to download.