Marimekko Chart of the Insurance Market

Introducing Our Latest Version–Using Excel Colors in Charts

Some of our users have asked us to have Mekko Graphics use the cell background (fill) colors from Excel in their charts.  We added this change in our latest version.  You can either set these colors through Excel’s conditional formatting or by clicking on a cell or selecting a cell range and using the ribbon or the toolbar to choose a cell background color.  If you want Mekko Graphics to use these colors in your chart, do the following:

  • copy your data from Excel into the Mekko Graphics data editor
  • in the Style tab of the Format Chart task pane, click “Apply Cell Colors from Spreadsheet.”

Insurance Market Segments
There are several potential uses for this new feature:

  • You can use the color to indicate a specific type of segment.  For example, you can color all segments that are part of a parent company with the same color.  Alternatively, you could color all segments that are part of a certain category (e.g., personal insurance, or B2B marketing) with the same color.  In either example, just set the cell background color in Excel and tell Mekko Graphics to use this background color.
  • Create a ‘heat map’ by using Excel’s conditional formatting.  Set all segments over a high value to green, between the high and low values to yellow, and below the low value to red.

You can manually edit your legends so they can explain the color categories.