ROS/RMS Bubble Chart of the Soft Drink Industry

Introducing Our Latest Version!

I'm happy to announce that the latest version of Mekko Graphics is available for download on our web site.  In 2011, we committed to delivering two major versions of Mekko Graphics each year.  This is our Spring 2013 release, which we have numbered Mekko Graphics 6.5.  We've gathered feedback from many of our customers and have incorporated it into this version.  Here are the highlights:

  • Improved PowerPoint integration--we implemented double-click to launch Mekko Graphics charts, making it easier to move, re-size and activate our charts and to work with other objects on your PowerPoint slides. New Mekko Graphics Features
  • Axis breaks--you can now put a break into the Y axis of any bar or line chart and into the X and Y axis in any bubble or scatter chart.  Axis breaks allow you to represent outliers in any chart type and to highlight key data in cascade charts.
  • Bar comparison lines--allow you to highlight difference between two bars in a stacked bar or cascade chart.  Show changes as a percentage or an absolute value.
  • Improved interface and features for average lines--you can more easily place and move average lines.
  • Added CAGR feature to growth lines and added CAGR formula to our spreadsheet.
  • Enhanced quick launch--you can now add 1/2 page charts and multiple charts with one click.
  • Email selected slides--send slides with a few mouse clicks, making it easier to share key slides without emailing the whole presentation.
  • Reverse order is now an option for data rows.
  • 30 day trial with no watermark--you'll have more time to evaluate Mekko Graphics and you'll be able to share the charts you've created with senior management or customers without the unsightly watermark.
  • Enhanced color palette management.
  • Improved installation, including the ability for users without administrative rights to install Mekko Graphics.
  • Full compatibility with Office 2013 (64 and 32 bit) and Windows 8 (64 and 32 bit).  Mekko Graphics is Windows 8 certified.

I hope you like the changes we made in this new release.  We're beginning to work on our Fall release.  Let me know if you have some suggestions for improvement.