Formatting Labels in a Marimekko Chart

Introducing Our New Mekko Graphics Version

I am excited to introduce a new version of Mekko Graphics.

This video shows you some of the new features we've included:

We've updated our user interface and integrated our software more tightly with PowerPoint. The software launches much more quickly.  You can make simple edits, like changing the color of a segment or updating your data, much more easily.
When you click on a Mekko Graphics chart, you will see the following menu in PowerPoint:

New Mekko Graphics Menu

You can make edits to our chart without launching our full application.  Simply click on Color to change the chart color or Values to update your number formats.  Click on chart data or double click on the chart to launch our spreadsheet control and edit your data.

We've also added a context sensitive floating toolbar and right-click menu:

context sensitive floating toolbar and right-click menu

If you right-click on a segment, you can change its color or the font of its label.

I think you'll find this new version much easier to use, especially for quick chart updates.  If you're used to the old user interface and prefer not to switch, just click "Full Editor" in the new toolbar.

I hope you like what we've done.  Let me know what you think.

If you have a current annual subscription you can can download the latest version here.