Gantt Chart Tracking iPhone X delivery from ZhengZhou to Newton, MA

iPhone X Journey from Factory to Home

I followed closely as my new iPhone X traveled almost 10,000 miles from the Foxconn factory in ZhengZhou, China to my home in Newton, Massachusetts.  UPS package tracking provided a window on the 3 truck trips and the 4 plane trips that my iPhone took.  After waiting 2 long days in ZhengZhou, my new iPhone went by truck the 862 miles to Hong Kong.  It then went on a 3 day, 4 leg plane trip from Hong Kong to Boston via Anchorage and Connecticut.  I think weather brought it down in Connecticut before continuing the journey to Boston.  The phone then went by truck the 10 miles to my nearest distribution center.  Unfortunately for me, it arrived on a Friday.  It spent the weekend in the distribution center before making the 4 mile trip to my house on Monday.  The Gantt chart below summarizes its trip:

Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart Tracking iPhone X delivery from ZhengZhou to Newton, MA

How I Created This Gantt Chart

The Mekko Graphics Gantt chart allowed me to document legs of my iPhone's trip and to turn the list of stops on the UPS site into a easily readable picture.  I first specified the start and end dates of the trip in the Gantt calendar.  I then set my headings to show months and days.  Next, I made each leg of the trip a task.  I added processes in the timeline area to show the time duration of each task.  I used the internet to find distances traveled and added them to the processes.  I also used three different colors for the processes to indicate waiting on the ground, traveling by truck and traveling by plane.  I used date shading to indicate the weekend.  Finally, I added a legend in the last row to show the meaning of each process color and to indicate the total miles traveled by truck and plane.  I made this row double height to accommodate the longer process labels.

Take This Chart and Make it Your Own

Download this Gantt chart and edit it using Mekko Graphics.

See more examples of Gantt charts here.  To learn more about how to make Gantt charts, watch this video.