Marimekko chart summarizing the status of marijuana legalization by state

Legalized Marijuana Is Spreading Through the US

Based on recent ballot initiatives, recreational marijuana use will be legal for about 20% of the US population.  Over 60% will live in states that permit medical marijuana usage.  The Marimekko chart below, based on data from,  groups all states and the District of Columbia by how it regulates marijuana usage:

marijuana-legalization-by-state-chart-only-largeThis chart was fairly easy to create.  I started with the Wikipedia table listing populations for each state exported into Excel.  I added a column that categorized each state based on how it regulates marijuana usage.  I then created an Excel PivotTable with states as the rows, population as the data and regulation category as the columns.  I used the PivotTable to create the above chart in PowerPoint.  I customized the chart by adding the X axis scale, scaling the population numbers to show as millions, adding the categories as a data row, and annotating labels in the smallest segments.  Here is the chart in SlideShare to download and edit using Mekko Graphics: