Laptop with Bar Mekko of SAP Market Share by Segment

Making Stellar Charts

Customers tell us that good looking charts get better results. Here are some tips for improving the visual appeal and impact of your charts.

  1. Color counts! Choose a high contrast color palette when you're trying to highlight segment differences. Download some of our custom palettes and see how different color choices will change your charts. The chart below was created using the Subdued Spectrum palette.
  2. Curate your data. You may want to show all of the data but, in some cases, it may be better to deliver your message with less data to distract your audience. Check out our chart gallery for examples that highlight both approaches.
  3. Enhance intelligently. Chart enhancements like bar comparison lines, data rows or CAGR columns can be used to guide your audience to the key insights, but choose wisely. Don't clutter up your chart with every option.