Marimekko of Global Market Data and Analysis Market

Using a Marimekko Chart to Map the Financial Data Analysis Market

Here is a great example of using a Marimekko chart to map a market.  Burton-Taylor produces a report on the Market Data/Analysis Spend in 2013.  Here's a sample chart:

Market Data/Analysis Spend

The chart gives you a great visual summary of the market:

  • there are two major competitors that dominate each region and make up about 60-65% of the market
  • they are about the same size and neither has a significant advantage over the other in a specific regio
  • all other competitors are quite small and they vary somewhat by region.

The sample deck that Burton-Taylor provides has two other Marimekko charts--a map of spend by region and customer vertical and a drill down into the competitors in a market segment.

These are good examples of the use of Marimekko charts for mapping a market.  I hope you find them useful.