Mekko Graphics Release Notes

Overview – This is a major release that introduces several new features and has a new prerequisite: it requires .Net 4.8 to be installed on the user’s PC

New Capabilities:

    1. Chart Gallery in Mekko Graphics for Excel introduced
    2. Ability to manually set start and end of axis breaks implemented
    3. Weekends in Gantt can be hidden and which days make up a weekend can be designated
    4. Primary Y axis can be moved to right side of chart
    5. Select all similar labels feature implemented
    6. Ability to select multiple bubbles at once, right-click and change the bubble order implemented
    7. Base (background) color for labels on patterned segment can be set as white, transparent, or
    8. Ability to clear most recently used custom colors within Mekko Graphics implemented
    9. Custom sorting for area charts implemented
    10. Setting Legend colors improved
    11. Y axis line properties - tick marks and line visibility, color, width – are copied when adding
    2Y axis
    12. Custom segment borders handling improved

Corrected issues:

    1. FIPS mode issue resolved
    2. Axis breaks in cascades with negative segments fixed for many cases
    3. This release has the co-authoring fixes for Office 365 PowerPoint and Excel
    4. This release has fixes for Korean overlapping characters issue and for Japanese characters in
    Asian vertical issue
    5. This release has a fix for the Excel printing issue
    6. Clarified a “No sort” option to First on Bottom (UI issue fixed)

Note: This release is free to Mekko Graphics customers with active annual subscriptions. There is no free upgrade for perpetual license customers (e.g., customers who purchased on or before February 1, 2012). Click here for more information