Mekko Graphics 21.2 Release Notes

Build (April 2021)

Charts’ placement adjustments:

  • Ability to align shapes by charts’ left and bottom margins
  • Ability to align charts’ left and bottom margins
  • Improved performance of "Set the same Y-axis scale" functionality

Gantt Charts improvements:

  • Option to choose milestones’ drawing style - solid or outlined shape
  • Option to hide "Tasks" column
  • Better moved labels repositioning when timeline area’s size or rows composition changes

New API functions in PowerPoint Mekko Graphics add-in to update chart properties:

  • Chart labels font size
  • Chart type
  • Axes title text and position
  • Excel Link
  • Segments colors
  • Individual Series display option- on the chart and/or as the data row
  • Individual Bars display option- on the chart and/or as the data row (including CAGR)
  • Series Sorting option
  • Bars sorting option

Corrected issues:

  • Fixed inability to set Series border style
  • Fixed Left Margin calculation when “Auto Adjust Left Margin“ is On and the horizontal chart has long bar names
  • Fixed selection issue when Selecting All Similar is applied to Segment or Bubble Labels
  • Fixed Bar Mekko totals calculation when some series are not shown on the chart
  • Fixed disabled shortcut commands for the selected segment
  • Fixed issue when a chart is created from Pivot Table in Excel
  • Fixed the issue when the chart in Excel will update infinitely when a data change occurred for the range associated with the chart

Build (June 2021)

Corrected issues:

  • Fixed Chart Gallery visibility issues in Excel

Note: This release is free to Mekko Graphics customers with active annual subscriptions. There is no free upgrade for perpetual license customers (e.g., customers who purchased on or before February 1, 2012). Click here for more information