Mekko Graphics 21.4.100 for macOS Release Notes

Build (October 2021)

New Features

Bar/Bubble/Area charts:

  • The new chart type is added - Doughnut Charts
  • Bars Labels margin available for vertical and horizontal when negative bar labels are present
  • Option to draw X-axis behind Bars
  • Option to set opaque label background in Bar, Bubble, and Area charts.

Gantt charts:

  • Option to choose milestones’ drawing style - solid or outlined shape
  • Option to hide “Tasks” column
  • Option to set Milestone label location (Left, Right, Top, Bottom)
  • Improved moved labels repositioning when timeline area’s size or rows composition changes
  • Implemented dynamic Dateline and Milestones marking Today’s date.
  • Added Date Format option to display week number in timeline elements.
  • Week numbering rule is exposed in Format Chart (First Day or First Four days week).
  • Option to set timeline item label background opaque.
  • Implemented command to copy the complete task list as text to the clipboard (to be able to paste it into other documents).
  • Behavior when a new milestone is inserted with the Label Position and Orientation as the last used Milestone.

UI Usability:

  • Added ability to quickly use fixed font size in Preference Manager - Min, Max, SmartPlace
  • Added ability to set data scale in the context menu for the selected label group
  • Simplified consistent Show Series and Show Bars menus in Chart Editor
  • Added option to enter color as Hex value in Color Editor dialog
Corrected issues
  • Fixed inability to set Series border style
  • Fixed Left Margin calculation when “Auto Adjust Left Margin“ is On and the horizontal chart has long bar names.
  • Fixed selection issue when Selecting All Similar is applied to Segment or Bubble Labels
  • Fixed Bar Mekko totals calculation when some series are not shown on the chart
  • Negative number formatting with suffix when shown in parentheses
  • Issue when removed segment link reappeared in Waterfall chart after data change
  • Chart type conversion error when Bar Mekko chart with the linear x-axis is converted to a Pie chart
  • Vertical axis title margin behavior after horizontal to vertical layout switches
  • Issue when smartplaced bar totals disappear in horizontal charts

Note: This release is free to Mekko Graphics customers with active annual subscriptions. There is no free upgrade for perpetual license customers (e.g., customers who purchased on or before February 1, 2012). Click here for more information