Mekko Graphics Release Notes

Release Date November 26, 2012

  • Overview—this release introduces a new streamlined installation process and fixes several bugs identified since the 6.02 release.
  • New Capabilities
    • Installation procedure streamlined.
    • Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Office 2010 is now required for Microsoft Office 2010 Mekko Graphics users.
  • Corrected Issues
    • Mekko Graphics charts retains z-order on the slide.  Mekko Graphics charts properly layer with other objects.
    • Mekko Graphics splash screen was removed from start of Microsoft PowerPoint.
    • Users can use Alt-tab to move between Mekko Graphics and other software without the data editor window closing when users return to Mekko Graphics.
    • Position and size of data editor window have been optimized for ease of use.
    • Refresh All Excel Links and Update All Charts functions now work with Office 2003.
    • Activation and deactivation behind a firewall is improved.  It is now less likely that a user will be required to activate and deactivate manually.
    • Some users received persistent request for registering software in error.  This was fixed.
    • Activation issues fixed for users who have certain other PowerPoint add-ins.