Mekko Graphics Release Notes

Overview – This release introduces several new features and ensures it is compatible with the latest in MS Platform and Office technologies.

New Capabilities

  • Double click instead of one click to activate the chart
  • Axis break functionality
  • Bar comparison lines
  • Improved interface and features for average lines
  • Send selected slides button in PowerPoint
  • Enhanced Preference Manager allowing for multiple palettes/themes
  • Improved Growth Line:
    • added CAGR feature,
    • added CAGR formula to spreadsheet,
    • support for Cascade charts
  • Compatibility with MS Office 2013 implemented
  • Mekko Graphics is certified for Windows 8
  • Improved installation supported for users without administrative rights
  • Enhanced Quick Launch charts
  • Add a "+" sign to positive values for Growth and Bar Comparison lines
  • Updated Mekko Graphics Help
  • Ability to ungroup/regroup chart

Corrected Issues

  • Returned context (right-click) menu options to Update Chart and Refresh Excel Link (for selected Mekko Chart) for office 2010/2013
  • Legacy charts now retain prefix and suffix in data rows when opened in Mekko 6
  • Addressed several label size issues when opening legacy charts
  • Mekko Graphics now retains decimal place on bar totals for legacy charts
  • Fixed Undo issue for  legacy chart where chart becomes picture