Mekko Graphics Release Notes

Overview – This release is a minor update to Mekko Graphics 6.5


New Capabilities

  • A new Slide Layout created: Two charts Top/Bottom
  • Installation changes were made to support installation using a non-admin profile

Corrected Issues

  • Mekko Graphics 6.5.3 now support this configuration: Win 8 (64) and Office 2013 (64)
  • Fixed some remaining issues with label sizes when decks saved in MG5 format
  • Legacy gantt charts convert properly when opened latest version
  • Fixed a Preference Manager issue:  “Restore all Defaults” now restores default office
  • Fixed minor issue when  typing in the Preference Manager margin fields
  • Harvey balls are now inserting correctly in tables for Office 2003 users
  • Export to Excel now works for Office 2003 users