Mekko Graphics Release Notes

Mekko Graphics Release Notes

Overview – This major release introduces several new features:

  1. Ability to import Mekko Graphics-supported chart types from Microsoft Graph and create a comparable Mekko Graphics chart. Mekko Graphics imports all data, axis information, and series definition (i.e. that data is defined as a line, a bar, a bubble, etc.). Mekko Graphics will typically be able to extract the data from these charts and some of the label information. Information that is added directly to PowerPoint and not stored in the Microsoft Graph object will not be imported.
  2. Redesigned and enhanced Link to Excel functionality allows you to create PowerPoint charts directly from your Excel data via a Mekko Graphics Add-In in MS Excel. When that data in Excel changes, you can either update the charts by initiating the update, or have Mekko Graphics do the update automatically. This enhancement to Link to Excel makes collaboration with your clients and colleagues much more efficient, and enforces consistency and accuracy of data when that data is shared.
  3. Once you select a range in Excel, you can then choose a Mekko Graphics chart type from the Insert Mekko Graphics Charts section in the Mekko Graphics tab in Excel. In PowerPoint, when the mouse pointer is on a slide, the desired chart type will insert upon a single click of the mouse. An Excel Link Manager in PowerPoint provides important information on all the linked charts in your presentation, including the file path, the name of the linked file, the address of the range, and the status of the link, including the last known date when the range was modified, and provides the ability to update any chart or all charts in your presentation through a single mouse click.
  4. Even when there is a link between a MS Excel range and a Mekko Graphics chart, you can still move or even rename the Excel file and the link will be reestablished as soon as the presentation and linked Excel file are opened.
  5. Ability to change the value scale for a chart without altering the underlying data
  6. This version has a user interface in Spanish as well as in English and German. UI will be in Spanish when PowerPoint is in Spanish, otherwise it will be in English.
  7. License renewal improvement: a new serial number can be entered in Mekko Graphics at any given time.

Corrected Issues:

  • Fixed: Cannot save custom settings in Preference Manager
  • Fixed: Mekko Graphics add-in is not visible for some machines with Office 2013, 64-bit
  • Fixed – Delayed load time for PowerPoint when Mekko Graphics is installed on Office 2013, 64-bit
  • Fixed: Drag and drop axis scale functionality did not work for numbers <1 with leading zeros
  • Fixed: Chart resize issues when chart open and user has two monitors

Note:  This release is free to Mekko Graphics customers with active annual subscriptions.  There is no free upgrade for perpetual license customers (e.g., customers who purchased on or before February 1, 2012).  Click here for more information.