Mekko Graphics Release Notes

Overview – This is a major release that introduces several new features.

New Capabilities:

  • Improved legend handling: easily move legends to bottom or top of chart, and drag to create multi-column or multi-row legends
  • Ability to display line values in bar-line charts
  • Create chart based on transposed data in spreadsheet
  • Ability to set a series as a 100% calculation
  • Improved comparison lines in cascade charts
  • Ability to show both number value and percentage in chart segments, growth lines, and bar comparison lines
  • Ability to show series labels and values on one or two lines
  • Option to automatically place all labels in chart
  • Option to display values when the bar or series name is blank in the data
  • Ability to make Y-axis title aligned with a top unit on the Y axis
  • Option to use PowerPoint’s default font as default font in Mekko Graphics
  • Option to use Window’s default thousands and decimal separators as default thousands and decimal separators in Mekko Graphics
  • Ability to control more defaults in the Preference Manager and in the Mekko Graphics task panels

Major corrected issues:

  • In Marimekko and Bar Mekko charts bar width series is available for a data row
  • Allow bar comparison and growth lines for chart with negative or zero segments
  • Exclusion of data rows from values scaling

Note:  This release is free to Mekko Graphics customers with active annual subscriptions.  There is no free upgrade for perpetual license customers (e.g., customers who purchased on or before February 1, 2012).  Click here for more information.