Mekko Graphics Release Notes

Mekko Graphics Release Notes

Overview – This major release introduces several new features.

New Capabilities:

  1. Insert Mekko Graphics charts in Excel as well as PowerPoint and move charts between Excel and PowerPoint
  2. New bar and series sorting options: custom sorts, sort by bar width or height in bar-mekko, exclude bars or series from sort
  3. Simplified chart type conversion
  4. Improved chart quick launch options
  5. Introduced segment comparison lines
  6. Introduced vertical lines
  7. Introduced gridlines
  8. Introduced ability to set Y axis scale to be the same for 2 or more charts
  9. Show Y axis on top or bottom of horizontal charts
  10. Introduced flexible line width for axis and border
  11. Net lines added to cluster bar charts
  12. Added quadrant line formatting
  13. Added ability to plot only markers, not lines on line charts
  14. Introduced a color indicator for moved labels
  15. Added CAGR option in growth lines with new feature to interpret bars as years
  16. Redesigned link series and segment link features with ability to format links
  17. Replaced placeholder bars functionality with the new gaps functionality (with drag and drop)
  18. Introduced support for PowerPoint real-time co-authoring
  19. Increased functions with keyboard shortcuts.

Major corrected issues:

  • Fixed: unwanted wrapping of Y-axis labels
  • Fixed: CAGR labels losing formatting

Note: This release is free to Mekko Graphics customers with active annual subscriptions. If you purchased a perpetual license (e.g., customers who purchased on or before February 1, 2012), click here for more information.