Mekko Graphics Release Notes

Overview – This is a minor release that addresses some issues identified by users of the Mekko Graphics legacy editor, which was removed in version 7.5.0.  Specifically, the Mekko Graphics Data Editor window can now be docked to the bottom of your screen.  This allows users to see how the chart changes when updating the chart data.  To dock the data editor, drag its window to the bottom of your screen.

A second legacy editor feature, chart zoom, was also added to the Mekko Graphics ribbon.  The zoom drop down appears under the margins buttons on the right side of the Format section of the ribbon.  You can zoom in to more easily edit smaller segments and change their color or font.

The "Numbers" button was added to the Mekko Graphics ribbon.  You can click on the button to get to the number format tab in the format chart task pane with one click.  From this tab, you can adjust decimal places, add prefixes (e.g., $) and suffixes (e.g., M or B) to the different types of numeric data (e.g., bar totals, segment values).

Note: This release is free to Mekko Graphics customers with active annual subscriptions. There is no free upgrade for perpetual license customers (e.g., customers who purchased on or before February 1, 2012). Click here for more information.