Bar Chart of Customer Retention Rates for Business and Consumer Categories

Mekko Graphics’ Role in the Big Data Movement

I’m a big fan of big data.  I’ve been a fan for over 30 years as it morphed from decision support systems, to executive information systems, to data warehouses, to business intelligence and now to big data and analytics.  Organizations can reduce costs and increase revenue by analyzing the vast amounts of transaction data that they collect and purchase.  Big data’s momentum has picked up as more data is collected and processing power improves.  The web itself had been a major source of big data and a major opportunity for analyses.

Implementing an analytics program is still very expensive.  Data needs to be organized for analytics in warehouses and cubes.  Tools need to be purchased to perform data cleansing, reporting and statistical analyses.  Analysts need to be hired and managers need to be trained to make data-based decisions.

Mekko Graphics can play an important role in your company’s big data strategy.  It can help solve big data’s ‘last mile problem.’  Analysis takes a great deal of knowledge and effort.  It provides little value unless it can be concisely communicated within your organization, both up to the decision makers and across to all the managers who will implement the changes derived from the new insights.

Our charts can help analysts, consultants, and mid-level managers communicate insights.  The Marimekko chart, for example, can map a market–highlighting regions or verticals that provide significant growth opportunities.  Two of our latest features, growth lines and bar comparison lines can draw management’s attention to trends that might not be easily visible in a data table or a simple stacked bar chart.  Cascade charts show how your proposed changes will affect projected profit.

Mekko Graphics’ cost is very small relative to other big data tools.  It can, however, provide big benefits by making it easier to communicate your insights to management and to peers.