Marimekko chart of US mobile gaming by time and dollars spent

Mobile Gaming Market

While most of the 187M mobile gamers in the US play less than 5 hours per week, the 61M heavy players account over 60% of the $7.5B gaming spend,as shown in these Marimekko and 100% stacked bar charts.  The data were compiled in 2018 by EEDAR, based on spending over the previous year.

The Marimekko chart breaks down gamers by time spent (under 1 , 1-5, and over 5 hours per week) and dollars spent (nothing in past year, under $100, and over $100).  Moderate players are the biggest segment, making up 99 of the 187M gamers,  Most of them spend nothing on games and only 5M spent over $100.  The 61M heavy gamers also were not big spenders for the most part.  Only 8M spent over $100.

The 100% stacked bar chart shows that the heavy players account for one third of the total players, but  60% of the dollars.  At the other extreme, the 27M light players account for 15% of the total number of players and only 2% of the dollars spent.

Marimekko Chart with Data Row and 100% Stacked Bar Chart

Marimekko chart of US mobile gaming by time and dollars spent

How I Created the Marimekko Chart and 100% Stacked Bar Chart

Here are the steps I took to create the chart:

  • type the data from the EEDAR report into three Excel tables
  • create a Marimekko chart in Excel with counts of light moderate and heavy players and non, moderate and heavy spenders
  • try to switch bars and series to show options for displaying charts (spend by time or time by spend)
  • create 100% stacked bar chart with number of players broken down by time and dollars spend broken down by time
  • move charts into PowerPoint
  • add data row to Marimekko chart to explain hours per week spent by light, moderate and heavy players
  • add legend for spend levels
  • modify 100% stacked bar chart to show values and percentages in each segment and names in legend
  • modify labels in spend column to add $ and B as prefix and suffix for each label
  • align margins in both charts so that top and bottom of y axes were in same position on the slide
  • adjust chart colors

Take This Chart and Make It Your Own

Download this chart and edit it using Mekko Graphics.  Learn more about how to use Marimekko charts.

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