Marimekko chart that categorizes tourist attractions by region based on number of Instagram posts

Most Instagrammed Tourist Attractions

Disneyland is the tourist attraction with the most Instagram posts, according to data from TravelBird.  It has twice the number of posts as the Eiffel Tower, the second most Instagrammed attraction.  Walt Disney World, Miami's South Beach and the Berlin Wall round out the top 5.  Overall North American attractions were more likely to be included in Instagram posts than European ones.  There were far fewer posts from locations in the rest of the world.  TravelBird listed 470 attractions in its report and they are summarized in the Marimekko chart below:

Marimekko chart that categorizes tourist attractions by region based on number of Instagram posts. Data from TravelBird.

To create this chart, I started by copying the data table from the TravelBird into an Excel worksheet.  I created a Vlookup in Excel to add a column to the workbook.  This column placed each country in a region (North America, Europe or Rest of World).  I then used this table to create an Excel PivotTable.  The PivotTable had attractions in its rows and the new region I created in its columns.  I used this PivoTable to make my Marimekko chart.

I added an Other series to the chart and placed in it all attractions with less than on million Instagram posts.  This made a chart more readable and still preserved the most popular attractions.  I recommend trying different values as the cutoff for including series in other until you reach the right balance between having a readable chart and showing too little data in the chart.

I then used the data scaling feature to display series values and bar totals in millions.  I sorted my bars and series with the biggest on the bottom and the widest on the left.  I chose the coloring option to color bars after sorting.  I also removed the axis lines, tick marks and chart borders to give the chart a cleaner look.  Finally, I annotated the four smallest series in North America and showed their labels in the Other segment.

The chart is available in SlideShare to download and edit using Mekko Graphics.