Marimekko Chart of Unicorn Startup Values by Category and Region

Multiple Data Rows

We received a question from a user recently about how to easily format multiple data rows. The user was specifically interested in how it was done in this chart from our chart gallery.

Results by Sector

The data that you want to appear below your chart is added in the Mekko Graphics chart data sheet. You can see that there are 3 data rows in the chart but only 1 label. In this chart, we used a non-breaking character space in the data sheet for the last 2 data rows. You can insert this character into the data sheet cells by holding the Alt key and typing "0160". Nothing appears in the data sheet but it allows you to select to show that row as a data row. Note: You would not be able to show that row as a data row if the first cell in the row was blank. We also used this character to prevent the text from wrapping. In this case, instead of placing a blank space between the company name and valuation, we used Alt 0160 to make sure they are shown on the same line. Here's the data sheet:

Data for Marimekko Alt0160