Stacked bar charts for Netflix paid members and streaming contribution for the U.S. and International businesses

Netflix International Growth is Hurting Its Profits

Netflix is growing at about 25% per year with most of its new members coming from outside the US.  This international growth has been a drain on its profits of between $15M and $109M per quarter over the last two years.  The charts below summarize growth and contribution from US and international subscribers as reported in Netflix's quarterly results:netflix-international-growth-charts-only

The stacked bar charts show both growth in revenue and in contribution.  By aligning the two and using the same colors in both you can see how each is changing over time.  The CAGR columns and the growth line quantify the growth rates.  I used the CAGR formula built into the Mekko Graphics spreadsheet to make the calculation easier.  Our formula allowed me to specify the number of periods, which I set to 2.75 as the data covered 2 years plus 3 quarters of the third year.

Here is the chart in SlideShare to download and edit using Mekko Graphics: