Marimekko chart of Emmy nominations for Cable, Broadcast, Premium Cable and Online segments by network

Networks with the Most Emmy Nominations

There’s a great deal of excellent television spread over many broadcast, cable and online networks.  This fragmented TV landscape is reflected in the 2016 Emmy nominations.  HBO led the way with almost twice as many nominations as FX and Netflix--its nearest rivals.  While the cable category had the most nominations, the online category experienced the largest growth.  The Marimekko chart, based on data from, captures nominations by channel and category:

Emmy Nominations by Network

The Marimekko chart categorizes and organizes a two page list of Emmy nominations by channel in the Emmy press kit.  You can quickly spot the relative percentage of nominations in each key category and whether the nominations are concentrated in one channel (e.g., HBO in Premium Cable), spread evenly among a handful channels (e.g., broadcast) channels or fragmented (e.g., Cable).  I used shades of different colors to show the channels within the category and an Other series to group the smaller channels.   I added a data row to show change from previous year by category.  Here’s the chart in SlideShare to download and edit: