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New in This Release

The new release is loaded with features that will help improve the look and feel of your charts and improve your productivity.  Here are some of the things you can do:

  1. Labels You'll never have to deal with missing labels again.You can choose to always place all labels in the Preference Manager or just for a single chart in the Format Chart task pane.You can also select any combination of segment values, percentages or series names to use in each chart.
  2. Legends Not only will you have more flexibility on the position of your legend, but you will be able to easily add multi-column and multi-row legends.
  3. Data Structure Have you ever put your data into the datasheet only to discover that it isn't structured correctly? Now you can switch bars and series with a single click.
  4. More Take advantage of other new features like choosing the series for a 100% calculation or showing series comparison links, as seen in this Cascade chart.

Operating Cash Flow Breakdown