Bar Mekko Chart of Average Gift Size by Cause

Philanthropy Mix of the Ultra Wealthy

The world's 55,000 ultra high net worth individuals are major contributors to charitable causes.  According to  Wealth-X and Arton Capital Philanthropy, 11,000 UHNW individuals gave gifts of $1 million or more in 2014.  Education and health accounted for almost 2/3 of the donations while arts, the environment and human services received a smaller share.  Average donation size was highest for giving to foundations with universities a distant second.  The bar-mekko chart below summarizes both donation size and percentage of donations given by recipient type:UNHW Philanthropy Mix

The bar-mekko shows both average donation size (bar height) and percentage of total donations (bar width) in a single bar chart.  I added a data row so that the percentage for each donation type is enumerated.  I also sorted bars from highest to lowest according to donation percentage.  The largest donation types appear on the right.  Here is the chart in SlideShare to download and edit: