Gruppo Gayosso uses Mekko Graphics to assess its full operating potential


Grupo Gayosso is a 138 year-old company that is the largest provider of after-life services in Mexico.  It operates 25 funeral homes, 21 cemeteries, 12 crematories, and 6 mausoleums that serve 14 Mexican cities.  In 2007, Grupo Gayosso was purchased by Advent International, a private equity firm.  Carlos Lukac a business transformation specialist was appointed CEO of the company in 2013.

Industry: After-Life Services

Bar Mekko for Gayosso Case Study

“Mekko Graphics has been widely adopted within Grupo Gayosso over just six months.  The tool is well accepted and is being used more every day.  Mekko Graphics charts have many advantages over Excel charts.  Marimekko and bar mekko charts make it easy to show and explain relationships between key success drivers like revenue growth, competitive position and market size.  With the Mekko Graphics software, it’s also easier to create simple bar charts and modify them to add information that delivers a key message.”

--Oscar Chávez, Business Development Manager.

Business needs:

  • Grupo Gayosso started using Mekko Graphics in 2013 as a tool to help identify ways that the company could reach its full potential.
  • The company’s focus was to identify opportunities to increase revenue for its services in its different markets and to reduce costs.


  • Analysts used a wide variety of Mekko Graphics charts from simple bar charts to bar mekko, marimekko, waterfall and scatter charts.
  • Waterfall (cascade) charts and bar charts were used in budget analyses to show year-over-year trends in revenue and costs and to detail the impact of proposed changes in products and services.
  • In competitive analyses, scatter charts plotted the relative quality and price of Grupo Gayosso’s and their competitors’ services in each market.
  • Bar mekko charts compared current revenue and revenue growth by market for different product lines.

Success / Highlights:

  • Mekko Graphics charts were used extensively to present analyses and recommendations to senior management and to the private equity firm that owns Grupo Gayosso.
  • The charts also helped to share insights and plans with the different constituencies within Grupo Gayosso.
  • The bar mekko charts that displayed current revenue versus revenue growth by market for different product lines made it easy to identify which markets were growing and which were shrinking. The insights from these charts allowed Grupo Gayosso to redeploy resources to target areas with the highest potential for growth.